Payment Processing Fees are Costly.

They Can Be Negotiated.

Subtract Can Help.

Let’s face it, payment processing fees can be confusing and expensive. The facts show that businesses often pay more in payment processing fees than they should. These fees can be reduced through vigilant monitoring, informed comparisons, and effective negotiation.In short: Monitoring, benchmarking, and negotiation can lead to significant savings.Subtract is a platform that empowers businesses to unlock savings in their payment processing fees. We analyze, monitor, and negotiate your payment processing fees, saving you time and money. Our services are backed by data-driven insights and extensive expertise in payment processing and negotiation.Soon, Subtract will be available for businesses that are ready to stop overpaying and start saving.If you are about to negotiate payment processing fees and you want early access to Subtract, or if you're just interested in staying updated, please fill out our form here.If you're not yet ready for negotiation but are interested in helping us tailor our services to your needs, we invite you to fill out this short survey.